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Sunscreen, hat and regular check-ups. Doctors advise how to protect the skin from melanoma

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Melanoma affects about three thousand people in Poland every year. Doctors point out that many patients come to them very late. Therefore, they call for special attention and advise on how to protect themselves effectively.

Mrs. Bożena Sawadro has had melanoma removed. She noticed that the birthmark she had had for many years began to enlarge and bleed. I have a lesion excised, quite deeply deepened so that there are no metastases – says the woman.

Actress Monika Krzywkowska had melanoma 12 years ago. Today she is healthy and alert. It is examined regularly. – Time is of the essence at this point. I always say that melanoma is such a devilish cancer that you can pass like a cold and you can just not survive it – emphasizes the actress

The sooner we consult a disturbing birthmark, the better. In an advanced stage, melanoma penetrates deep into the skin and, together with the blood, can move to other organs. This insidious cancer affects about three thousand people in Poland every year.

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– There are more and more patients. Fortunately, there are also more and more of those in the early stages of melanoma, thanks to early detection and early control – informs Dr. Kamil Drucis, MD, a surgeon and oncologist from the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk.

Scientists warn against the sunTVN24

How to protect yourself from the sun?

Prevention is better than cure, which is why sun protection is so important. To see how the cream with a UV filter works, we asked Mrs. Dorota to smear half of her face. No significant difference can be seen with the naked eye. This is revealed only in ultraviolet light, which indicates that the left side of the face is well protected.

Sunscreens are also worth using in winter, but especially during the holidays, when we spend a lot of time in the sun. – Otherwise, the skin will come off the next day, it will be a tragedy. There is nothing to risk – points out Tomasz Żuk, a seller working on the beach.

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Every skin burn has its consequences. – Red skin is already a burn and this is a really big damage to our skin, as a result of which there is a mutation in cells – explains Dr. Magdalena Dobosz, MD, dermatologist and venereologist from the “Dobosz” Medical Center in Gdańsk.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has been battling skin cancer for years and has posted an appeal to fans while waiting for biopsy results. – No matter how much you want to tan, trust me – it’s not worth it. Remember about creams with a filter – urges the actor.

– Effective protection will be if we apply this cream every two hours and in the amount of about 6 teaspoons on the whole body – stresses dr hab. Aleksandra Szlachcic, dermatologist.

It is also important to wear a hat and glasses – also with sunscreen. And after the holidays, a mandatory inspection of birthmarks. – I was afraid of some uncertainty, but the doctor says: everything will be fine – says Bożena.

Author:Dominika Ziółkowska

Main photo source: TVN facts

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