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Super moon. Super fills up. The Full Moon in July 2022. The Silver Globe will shine exceptionally bright

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Before us is the July full moon, known as the Full of the Goat Moon. This year, our natural satellite will shine brighter than usual and will appear larger because we are dealing with a super full moon.

On Wednesday at 11 am, the Moon will be at the point closest to the Earth, that is, at its perigee. The distance of the Silver Globe from the Blue Planet will then be 357,264 kilometers. On Wednesday, our natural satellite will also enter its full moon phase. The exact moment will be at 20.38.

Due to the fact that the Silver Globe is at the perigee, it will shine brighter than usual and seem a bit larger. This phenomenon is called a super full or super moon. The moon can then be up to 14 percent larger for the observer and shine up to 30 percent brighter than if it were at its apogee (farthest point).

Full Moon of the Goat

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Where did the name Full of the Goat Moon come from? Ancient cultures around the world have named each full moon based on plant vegetation, animal behavior, or weather. In the case of the July full moon, its name comes from male deer, i.e. goats. Each year, these animals shed their antlers, which begin to grow back in July.

Other names for the phenomenon are the Storm Fullness, which comes from numerous summer ones storms and Sienna Pełnia, given in connection with the July harvest.


Moon phasesNASA / Bill Dunford

Where is the best place to watch?

To enjoy the full moon as much as possible, we should look at the moon away from cities, preferably in darkened, rural areas. When this is impossible, choose a place in the city that is not heavily illuminated by street lamps.

MoonPAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: Contact24

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