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“Superwizjer” reportage – “Zawisza Bezkarny”. Post-Issue Comments

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The journalist of “Superwizjer” Bertold Kittel revealed that despite the court ban on driving, Artur Zawisza, a former PiS MP, still sits behind the wheel. The reportage of “Zawisza Bezkarny” was commented on by invited guests in the “Superwizjer” studio. – Watching this recording reminded me of the book “Animal Farm”, where all animals were equal and only some more equal. I have the impression that Mr. Zawisza is more equal than others – assessed Krzysztof Jakubowski from the Watchdog Polska civic network.

Artur Zawisza, former PiS MP and former activist of the National Movement, is one of the most recognized politicians in Poland. When he drove a car without a license, rammed and mutilated a young woman, the court found that the politician did not have sufficient driving skills and even that he was a danger on the road. Zawisza was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence and a driving ban. Despite this, he still gets behind the wheel, posing a threat to other road users. The journalist of “Superwizjer” TVN, Bertold Kittel, showed the politician’s impunity in his latest report.


“I was reminded of the book ‘Animal Farm'”

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After the broadcast of the reportage in the Superwizjer studio, the material was commented on by its author, Bertold Kittel, and invited experts: a retired policeman and security expert, Marek Konkolewski, director of the democracy and civil society program at the Institute of Public Affairs, Filip Pazderski, and Krzysztof Jakubowski, from the Watchdog Polska civic network and the Freedom Foundation .

As Marek Konkolewski pointed out, Artur Zawisza “should lead by example”. – He was a former parliamentarian, a public figure who is practically unpunished and ostentatiously breaks the law – said the expert. – This is what happens when those in power tighten the screws on ordinary, normal drivers. Since recently, a strict tariff of fines has been in force. a system of penalty points, confiscation of cars from drunk drivers ahead of us. In this context, this person violates the basic security rules in real life – assessed Konkolewski.

– Watching this recording reminded me of the book “Animal Farm”, where all animals were equal and only some more equal. I have the impression that Mr. Zawisza is more equal than others. He ostentatiously breaks the law and even got caught driving a car. He excuses himself, claiming that he has the right to do so. It undermines confidence in the judiciary. In this way, he mocks the court, and in fact all of us – commented Krzysztof Jakubowski.

The system seems to work

In turn, Bertold Kittel pointed out that we are dealing with a situation in which the system works, but only seemingly. – The man is judged, the victim received compensation or compensation, the court says that he has been eliminated from traffic. And nothing happens, he said. – In practice, it looks like you can drive for a year without a driving license and not be checked by the police, because there are no police on the streets – he said.

– I hope that Mr. Artur’s good streak will not last forever. The traffic police received information on a platter that Mr. Artur commutes every day, probably from his house from Wilanów to Mokotów, where his office is located. I believe that sooner or later the traffic police will check and finish Mr. Artur’s exploits – said Konkolewski.

Filip Pazderski stated that “such a person should not have a moral right in public life” – It’s not just that the police apparently failed to do what they should do. Please pay attention to what the probation officer said that he had no tools. What the regulations allow him to do are these periodic meetings, probably once every six months, where Mr. Zawisza comes, signs a document in which he certifies that he does not drive. The question is whether the powers of probation officers and the possibilities in which they operate are appropriate – stressed Pazderski.

The whole conversation with Bertold Kittel in “You get up and the weekend” TVN24

“You commit a misdemeanor, you act in conditions of recidivism. Short ball, grid”

Jakubowski stated that now “state institutions and the judiciary should act very quickly.” – Otherwise, what can ordinary residents think, that maybe there is permission to break the law. If someone can drive without a driving license and with a court ban, then maybe if I drank three beers, I’ll get in too, since there are no consequences for it. This is a destructive situation, ridiculing the judiciary. This should be fixed immediately, especially since he is a person who is involved in creating the law – pointed out the representative of Watchdogs Polska.

Pazderski, in turn, pointed out that for the punishment to discourage potential offenders, it must be inevitable. “This case shows that there is no such inevitability,” said an ISP representative.

– In the West, where democracy is highly developed, it doesn’t matter if you are a well-known journalist, celebrity, artist, singer or politician. You commit a gross offence, you act in conditions of recidivism. Short ball, check – summed up Marek Konkolewski.

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