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Support benefits for people with disabilities start on January 1, 2024

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From January 1, adults with disabilities can apply for support benefits. To receive them, you must first contact the provincial disability assessment team to obtain a decision regarding the level of support needed.

On January 1, 2024, the Act on support benefits addressed to people with disabilities who are over 18 years of age entered into force. To receive this benefit, you must first obtain a decision from the provincial disability assessment team (WZON) on determining the level of support need, which is set at 70 to 100 points.

Only after receiving the WZON decision will a person with a disability be able to submit an application to ZUS for payment of the benefit.

The support benefit will be introduced in stages

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When it will be possible to submit an application for a support benefit to ZUS will depend on the number of points included in the WZON decision and on whether the guardian of a disabled person is entitled to another benefit. The support benefit is introduced in three stages. People with 87-100 points can apply for it from 2024, people with 78-86 points – from 2025, and people with 70-77 points – from 2026. The situation is different for people who have at least 70 points, because they will be able to obtain a support benefit from 2024, provided that after December 31, 2023, the guardians of these people will be entitled to a care benefit, a special care allowance or carer’s allowance paid by the municipality. The support benefit will range from 40 to 220 percent. the current amount of the social pension (currently it is PLN 1,588.44). This means that at the beginning the amounts will range from approximately PLN 635 to nearly PLN 3,495, depending on the level of support need: – 95–100 points – 220%. social pension, – 90–94 points – 180 percent social pension, – 85–89 points – 120 percent social pension, – 80–84 points – 80 percent social pension, – 75–79 points – 60 percent social pension, – 70–74 points – 40 percent social pension.

Who can apply for support benefits?

Persons who have the status of a person with a disability confirmed in the form of: a certificate of disability and its degree issued by disability assessment teams may apply for a support benefit; a decision on incapacity for work or a decision on inability to live independently issued by ZUS doctors; invalidity certificate issued before September 1997 by the medical commissions for invalidity and employment. WZON will issue a decision establishing the level of support need for the same period for which the person has a disability certificate, but no longer than 7 years. After the WZON issues a decision, the entitled person should submit an application for payment of the benefit to ZUS. This will only be possible electronically via: the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of ZUS, the Emp@tia portal or electronic banking. An application to ZUS may also be submitted by an attorney. The application for a support benefit does not need to be accompanied by a decision issued by WZON. ZUS will receive all the data contained in it from the Electronic National System for Monitoring Disability Assessments (EKSMOoN). This system is run by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. ZUS will pay the support benefit by transfer to the bank account number in Poland that the disabled person provides in the application. He will receive them together with other benefits, e.g. social pension or 500 plus for dependent people. The support benefit will be payable regardless of income, it will be exempt from income tax and cannot be seized by a bailiff.

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