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Supreme Court. Judge Włodzimierz Wróbel on the situation of the Polish justice system

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The legal system is also such a collective memory that even in the long term, illegality is removed, said Supreme Court judge Włodzimierz Wróbel in “Jeden na single”, referring to the politicization of the Polish judiciary. – The judges are mainly thinking about who will win the elections in October. (…) This is a complete pathology – he added.

Judge Włodzimierz Wróbel, the guest of “One on One”, commented on Friday on the situation in the Polish justice system, including new candidatures and nominations in the Supreme Court and the dispute in the Constitutional Tribunal.

Commenting on the new candidates for the Supreme Court, Judge Wróbel admitted that he was wondering “what these people are thinking about”. – The legal system is also such a collective memory. This is such a dispersed memory, recorded in various types of normative acts, but also in the heads of lawyers. And this memory means that, even in the long term, illegality is removed, somewhere at the end some sort of sanitation of this illegality has to be done – he said.

– These people running today are mainly wondering who will win the elections in October. The judges are mostly wondering who will win the October election. If someone who does not support today’s reforms wins, there is a huge risk that these judges will also lose their positions. This is complete pathology.

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– I do not really understand the motivation to participate in something under such conditions, which we can see, what consequences it leads to in the state – he noted.

Judge Wróbel: There is no Constitutional Tribunal in Poland

When asked about the dispute in the Constitutional Court regarding the term of office of President Julia Przyłębska, which prevents the full assembly and decision on the amendment of the court act to allow the payment of money from the National Reconstruction Plan, the TVN24 guest replied that “he would be happy to just talk about the law about what is interesting in the law, meanwhile we are supposed to talk about degradation, about some fictions, dummies”. – There is no Constitutional Tribunal in Poland – he added.

He noted that “this body is of political importance today.” – Politicians direct various hot potatoes there, then they pretend that something comes out of this body, that they will comply with it – he said.

According to the judge, “it’s all like a sitcom and maybe it would be fun, but it affects us.” – The lack of a body that is independent of politicians, which reacts in situations of pathology in the legal system, means that politicians are not afraid of anything, they pass laws that become dangerous for all of us – he noted.

When asked who is responsible for the situation in TK, the guest of “One on One” replied that “this is a fairly obvious question and an obvious answer.” – It started in 2015, when politicians came up with that Constitutional Court it does not help, and it can certainly be an obstacle to the implementation of various strange political ideas. Then the degradation began, with the appointment of people who should not be judges in the Tribunal, the failure to take the oath from those who were correctly elected, and then the violation of all possible procedures when the president of the Constitutional Tribunal was appointed – he mentioned.

– It is not a serious institution today, which is to be regretted. (…) It is a huge loss for us that we do not have a serious constitutional body protecting us from politics – he added.

“At this point, it is politically impossible to do anything in this Court. This is all a problem of the will of politicians. There is no money because politicians do not want to admit that they have destroyed the rule of law in Poland, he said.

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