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Survey: 69% of Polish 18-year-olds have experienced online sexual abuse in their childhood

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69 percent Polish 18-year-olds experienced sexual abuse on the Internet in their childhood, according to an international study. The vast majority of respondents admitted that they blocked a person who contacted them for sexual purposes, instead of reporting the problem to adults.

The WeProtect Global Alliance study by Economist Impact analyzed the experiences of 2,000 18-year-olds from four European countries: FranceGermany, the Netherlands and Poland. They were conducted in terms of four sexual harms on the network. These were defined as: receiving sexually explicit content from adults in adolescence, sharing sexually explicit photos of them without their consent, being asked to keep sexually explicit online relationships with adults secret, and being asked to do something sexually explicit online sexual abuse that they were not comfortable with.

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Online sexual violence. The research results

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The survey shows that 69% of of Polish 18-year-olds participating in the study experienced at least one type of online sexual abuse in their childhood. 57 percent of Polish respondents received sexually explicit content from an adult. Polish respondents more often received sexual content in private communication (58%) than, for example, on open internet forums (20%).

Three-fifths of Polish survey participants have experienced situations where someone tried to talk to them about sexually explicit topics or sent them sexually explicit material via private messengers. 21 percent of respondents from Poland experienced sharing photos and/or videos of them without their consent, while 51 percent. were asked to do something of a sexual nature online that they were uncomfortable with or didn’t want to do. The authors of the study emphasize that 85% of of respondents from Poland removed from the group of online friends or blocked a person who contacted them for sexual purposes, instead of reporting a problem or talking to an adult.

The report noted that the experiences reported by Polish youth related to three of the four categories of online sexual harassment assessed were similar to those in other surveyed countries. Respondents in Poland, on the other hand, were more exposed than their foreign peers to attempts to talk about sex through online messengers.

What is WeProtect Global Alliance

WeProtect Global Alliance is a global movement that brings together experts from governments, the private sector and the international community to protect children from online sexual abuse and abuse.

In publishing the report, the organization noted that it called on governments across Europe and around the world to cooperate and actively implement legal regulations that will ensure the protection of children from online sexual abuse, including by quickly identifying and removing images and videos of child sexual abuse, and by more effectively prosecuting offenders.

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