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Survey of Poles’ electoral preferences. The greatest support for the Civic Coalition

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According to the monthly Puls Opinia – Electoral Preferences of Poles survey conducted by Opinia24, if the parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, 81% of voters would take part in them. Poles. A survey conducted at the beginning of February indicates that 31 percent of them would vote for the Civic Coalition. Law and Justice would take second place with 24 percent. support. Third Road was also on the podium, with 16.8% voting for it. respondents.

The monthly Puls Opinii survey was conducted on February 6 and 7 on a representative sample of 1,001 Polish residents aged 18 and over.

Poll indicates that at the beginning of February the greatest support was among Poles determined to take part in elections The Civic Coalition can boast of having 31 percent. supporters. In January, 24.3% of people declared support for this group. respondents. This means a sudden increase in support for this political formation, month by month, by 6.7 percentage points.

It took second place in the latest study Law and Justice with 24 percent support. In January, 26.3% of voters wanted to vote for the currently largest opposition party. respondents. This result is 2.3 percentage points lower than in January.

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Third Droga also took a place on the podium. 16.8% of people would vote for this party. respondents. In January, 17.3% of people declared their vote for the Third Way. subjects. This result is half a percentage point weaker compared to the January survey.

9.1% would support the left in February. respondents (9.5% in January), and the Confederation 8.7% (last month 10.9%). 1.5% would support non-party local government officials. respondents (1.7 percent in January), and the Poland Jest One party – 2.2 percent. respondents (last month 0.9%). 5.7 Poles do not know who they would vote for.

Support for political parties

81 percent would go to vote next Sunday

At the beginning of February, 81 percent Poles declare their willingness to participate in the parliamentary elections if they were to be held next Sunday. 58 percent people who took part in the survey declared that they were “sure of voting”, and 23 percent “I’d rather go vote.”

Nine percent respondents would certainly not vote in the elections next Sunday, and eight percent respondents definitely do not plan to go to the polls. Two percent Poles do not know whether they would take part in the vote.

The willingness to vote is most often declared by men (83%), people with higher education (89%) and people aged 60 and over (87%). The answer “no” was more often given by respondents with primary education (26%) and professional (25%), as well as residents of cities with up to 20,000 inhabitants (22%).

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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