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Suwałki. The 26-year-old was throwing furniture over the balcony. He damaged six cars. He was sober

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A 26-year-old man will be responsible for property damage. In the middle of the night, in one of the housing estates in Suwałki (Podlaskie Voivodeship), he was throwing furniture over the balcony. Cars parked in front of the block were landing on them. When the police arrived, a pouffe was flying from the balcony.

The police officers were reported on the night of Thursday to Friday (October 7-8). When they went to the North Housing Estate in Suwałki, they noticed a man who was throwing objects on the balcony.

The pouffe he had just thrown fell on the car, smashing the windshield. The uniforms noticed that there are five other damaged cars next to them, and there are various home furnishings next to them, says Commissioner Eliza Sawko from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Suwałki.

A breathalyzer test showed that he was sober

Items thrown from the balconies damaged, among other things, the windshieldsKMP Suwałki

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In the apartment, the uniform found a 26-year-old who was very excited.

The man said he was upset and hence his behavior. The breathalyser test showed that he was sober – emphasizes Kom. Sawko.

The losses were estimated at over seven thousand zlotys

The resident of Suwałki was arrested by the police. Three owners of damaged cars estimated the losses in the total amount of over PLN 7.3 thousand. zloty. The others did not apply to prosecute and punish the perpetrator of the damage to their property.

Six cars were damagedKMP Suwałki


– On Saturday, the detainee was charged with destroying property in conditions of recidivism. For this offense, the Penal Code provides for a penalty of up to five years imprisonment, but in conditions of recidivism, it may be increased by half – emphasizes the policewoman.

Not all owners of damaged cars applied for the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrator KMP Suwałki

This event also happened in Suwałki

Main photo source: KMP Suwałki

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