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Suwałki. The broken down ambulance was supposed to deliver medicine for the newborn. The policemen helped

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An ambulance broke down on the S61 expressway. Her crew’s task was to deliver medicine that the newborn urgently needed. Every minute counted, so police officers from Suwałki were asked to help with transport.

On Thursday morning, the Suwałki police station received an unusual report. It showed that an ambulance broke down on the S61 expressway, a few kilometers before the exit to Raczki (Podlaskie Voivodeship).

“Its crew had to urgently transport medicine for the newborn to the hospital in Suwałki. Every minute could have influenced the child’s life,” said the Municipal Police Headquarters in Suwałki.

At times they were driving against the flow

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The police turned on the emergency vehicle’s signals and moved towards the ambulance. At times they were forced to drive against traffic because a possible detour would significantly extend their commute time, and this would endanger the child’s life.

At the scene, a paramedic with medicine joined the police and they went with him to the hospital. Thanks to the efficient action, the newborn received the medicine on time.

Main photo source: KMP Suwałki

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