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Svalbard. Rescuers found a Polish traveler. Marcin Gienieczko is in the hospital

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Rescuers reached the Polish traveler Marcin Gienieczka, who got stuck on one of the glaciers in Svalbard on Friday, Eva Therese Jenssen, spokeswoman for the governor, said on Saturday. The rescue operation was resumed that day after several failed attempts on Friday, when bad weather conditions prevented the teams from reaching the victim.

In Norway, on Svalbard, rescue teams found the Polish traveler Marcin Gienieczka on Saturday morning. The Pole is currently in a hospital in Longyearbyen and is in relatively good shape, Eva Therese Jenssen, spokeswoman for the Governor of Svalbard, told PAP. “On Saturday morning, the wind calmed down enough for rescue teams to go to the Rabot Glacier, where the man was staying. At 6.31 a.m. he was found by a rescue helicopter and patrols of the governor and the Red Cross Relief Corps and taken to Longyearbyen,” the spokeswoman said in a statement. . Marcin Gienieczko intended to climb the highest peak of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago – Mount Newton (1713 m above sea level).

Difficult rescue operation

The traveler on Friday at 8.45 called for help due to very bad weather conditions. Rescuers tried unsuccessfully to reach the man by snowmobile and helicopter. As reported earlier by the Polish channel News 24, which is a partner of the expedition, the wind blowing at a speed of 144 kilometers per hour, snowfall and temperature of -36 degrees Celsius prevented Gienieczka from leaving the tent for two days. “Mr. Marcin used the radio buoys, he is aware of his location and is waiting for help. The snowstorm prevents further operations in Svalbard” – reads the release.

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“The weather conditions are very bad, it’s snowing and the wind is blowing,” the spokeswoman said on Friday.

According to Jenssen, an attempt was made to lift the helicopter, but bad weather prevented the flight. Then a group of rescuers on scooters was sent, but they had to turn back because of a snowstorm. – On Friday afternoon we sent a patrol of rescuers on scooters again, the conditions are still difficult – she emphasized.

A few hours later, a spokeswoman for the Governor of Svalbard announced that the rescue operation had been stopped due to bad weather conditions. – Rescue teams had to turn back, descended from the Rabot Glacier. The person waiting for help has been informed about the situation – emphasized Eva Therese Jenssen.

Gienieczko: it’s a race against time

“I’m staying for now. It’s a race against time to save lives. There is a storm on the glacier “- such information that Gienieczko was supposed to provide was posted on Friday evening on his social media profile.

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