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Swarozyn. Childbirth on the A1 motorway. Maksymilian was born in a car

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On Good Friday near Swarożyn, at the exit from the A1 motorway, Maksymilian was born in a car. The family did not manage to get the woman in labor to the hospital on time. The mother-in-law, who is a midwife, helped the child’s mother during the birth.

On Friday, during the inspection on the A1 motorway near Swarożyn, a passenger car drove up to the inspectors, the driver of which informed that a woman had just given birth to a child in the vehicle. The Road Transport Inspection informed about the unusual situation in its social media.

inspection of road transport

In the car, the woman in labor was accompanied by her partner, two children and mother-in-law – a midwife. From Starszyn they went to the Kociewskie Centrum Zdrowia in Starogard Gdański, but they did not make it on time. The birth took place quickly.

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My due date was April 11th. The start of labor was a surprise for us, because the day before the doctor had promised that I would spend Christmas at home. On Friday morning, my stomach started to hurt, and then contractions started very quickly. The whole family went to the hospital and if it wasn’t for my mother-in-law, I don’t know how it would have ended – says the child’s mother, Mrs. Magdalena.

According to the Road Transport Inspection, the delivery woman was also helped by the truck driver, who provided a blanket necessary to keep the mother and newborn warm.

Maksymilian was born on the A1 motorwayprivate archive

“Until the arrival of the ambulance, the inspectors were with the parents. They also directed the traffic so that the ambulance could drive directly to the family without collision,” ITD inspectors wrote on social media.

Mom and son are recovering in the hospital

Mom and Maksymilian, because that was the name given to the boy, feel good. They are already under the care of specialists at the Kociew Health Center. The child’s grandmother works in a hospital in Starogard on a daily basis.

– The son should have free access to the A1 motorway – laughs the boy’s mother.

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