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Swarzędz. He collapsed in front of the clinic and died. Prosecutor’s Office: there is a refusal procedure

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The man collapsed in front of the clinic in Swarzędz (Greater Poland Voivodeship), but only the ambulance crew helped him. Despite the resuscitation, Przemysław died. In the patient’s medical card, the paramedics wrote: crowd of onlookers, including a doctor and a health care nurse who did not provide any help !!! The facility does not want to comment on these reports. The prosecutor’s office is already watching the case.

There is a procedure for the death of a 50-year-old in Swarzędz (Greater Poland Voivodeship). At the beginning of November, Przemysław went to the local clinic, but he did not make it, because fainted 150 meters from the facility. An ambulance was called to the scene, which reached the victim within six minutes of the call. Unfortunately, despite the resuscitation, the man could not be saved.

– A lady from the store called an ambulance and ran to the clinic, she was told that no one would come, because the ladies could not leave the post. And then they came over and just watched. From what people tell me, these ladies haven’t even come over to check anything out. They stood and watched. I guess out of curiosity, it’s hard for me to say – said Lidia Chałasiak, the deceased’s partner. And she added that “ladies” is a nurse and a doctor from a nearby clinic.


Mr. Przemysław’s medical cardTVN24

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Under the magnifying glass of the prosecutor’s office

The note about the lack of action on the part of the doctor and nurse also appeared in the medical card, which the ambulance crew filled out on the spot. “A crowd of onlookers, including a doctor and a health care nurse who do not help !!!!” – we read in the card. The Provincial Ambulance Station in Poznań announced from the very beginning that it did not intend to leave the matter like this. Information about the lack of action by the clinic employees has already been sent to the prosecutor’s office. The ambulance service also informed the Wielkopolska Medical Chamber and the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives about the case.

– After a report from the ambulance station to the police, the prosecutor’s office on November 17 initiated an investigation into failure to help a man in front of the clinic in Swarzędz. The proceedings are currently pending in the case and not against anyone. Nobody heard the charges, said Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań, on TVN24.

Immediately after the events before the clinic in Swarzędz, a TVN24 reporter tried to obtain a comment from the facility. He was asked to send a question via e-mail. The answer came the day after the TVN24 coverage. The management board of the company to which the facility belongs informed that it “does not intend to comment on the events”.

“Would Przemek be alive?”

Mrs. Lidia does not hide that she has a lot of regret. – I keep asking myself: if someone had provided help right away, would Przemek be alive? It seemed to me that the doctor and nurse are people who are obliged to help a man who is lying on the pavement and does not show any signs of life. This situation shows that no, it is probably safer to fall over at the fire brigade, because firefighters will certainly provide first aid – adds Lidia.

Main photo source: TVN24 / Google Street View

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