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Swarzedz. He stopped a shoplifter and collapsed. The security guard is dead

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A security worker noticed that one of the customers of the market in Swarzędz (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) was trying to steal two bottles of vodka and moved to stop him. The 21-year-old was caught red-handed, but the 62-year-old security worker collapsed moments later. Despite resuscitation, he could not be saved.

The incident took place on Thursday in Swarzędz near Poznań. Around 6 p.m., a security guard noticed that one of the men took two bottles of vodka from the shelf and then tried to leave the market without paying for the goods.

– A 62-year-old security worker apprehended the man – informs sub-inspector Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań.

He collapsed while they waited for the police

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The police were called to the spot. – While the police car was on its way, this gentleman fainted. An ambulance arrived at the scene, but despite resuscitation, the 62-year-old could not be revived, says Borowiak.

A doctor from the Department of Forensic Medicine and a prosecutor were summoned to the market. Police officers secured surveillance video and interviewed witnesses. – An autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death. He had no injuries and no visible signs of third party involvement. Certainly, this situation caused him some nervousness and emotions – emphasizes Borowiak.

The 21-year-old is known to the police, they want him to answer for robbery

The 21-year-old has previously been charged with drunk driving and other minor offences, police said.

Officers want the prosecutor to charge the man with robbery theft, for which he could face up to 10 years in prison. As Borowiak emphasizes, the police will also want to. to consider submitting a request to the court for the provisional arrest of the 21-year-old.

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