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Sweden. A new species of tick has been discovered. It may transmit dangerous viruses

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The species was named the variegated sheep tick in Sweden found in the Stockholm region. It was included in the study thanks to a parasite monitoring program that allows anyone to submit unusual specimens.

Interestingly, naturally this type of arachnid occurs in southern Europew Iran, Kazakhstan and in the mountainous areas of Central Asia.

Sweden. They discovered a new species of tick. Researchers are sounding the alarm

According to the SVA announcement Dermacentor marginatus can transfer dangerous viruses, including those causing Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. This pathogen was not found in the ticks submitted for analysis, and tests are ongoing for the presence of other viruses and bacteria, including the microorganism Coxiella burnetti, which causes Q fever, also known as goat flu.

– The results are as expected. We are pleased that all results were negative. We must continue our work and research a new speciesbefore we can provide more information about this case, said SVA veterinarian Giulio Grandi.

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According to scientists, although only a few specimens of the spotted sheep tick have been found in Sweden, the number of cases is increasing due to climate change and rising temperatures. can be expected to spread of this species. The presence of new species of ticks in Scandinavia is also influenced by human and animal migrations, as well as the development of tourism.

Researchers in Sweden appeal: citizens ask for help

Veterinary services encourage people to send ticks found in Sweden. “Tick ​​season is underway currently throughout the country, and SVA hopes for more reports during the summer,” we read in the announcement. First, however, a photo of the specimen must be sent via the institution's website. “Each report is an important element of monitoring and mapping the occurrence of species,” it was emphasized.

The experts also run a blog where they share their research results. – It is important to prepare as early as possible a map of the occurrence of exotic tick speciesin order to be better prepared for cases of infection of animals or humans, emphasized Anna Omazic, SVA scientist.

Recently, the University of Warsaw also reported on the search for a dangerous tick from Africa, initiating the campaign “national tick collection“. This concerns the migratory tick (Hyalomma marginatum). – 60% of Poland, including Mazovia and the southern part of the country, has conditions suitable for its occurrence. It is unlikely that we will not have them – said prof. Anna Bajer from the University of Warsaw.

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