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Sweden. A Pole shot in Stockholm. Sister: He wanted to set an example for his son

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He wanted to set an example for his son, he was a very committed and good father. He left a great void – says the sister of a Pole shot in Stockholm in an interview with the Swedish media. The 39-year-old died on Wednesday in front of his 12-year-old son. After the Pole's death, people gathered at the place where the tragedy occurred, lit candles and remembered the man.

The tragedy occurred on Wednesday in the Skarholmen district of Stockholm. According to media reports, a 39-year-old Pole named Michał was on his way to the swimming pool with his child when he met a group of young people in the tunnel under the viaduct. There was an exchange of words between the man and the teenagers, and then a fatal shot was fired at him.

A day later, the man's sister, Mrs. Aneta, spoke to the “Aftonbladet” newspaper. – I feel like I'm in a theater, like on a stage, where we play, and then we come back home and everything should be as usual. I can't get used to it, she admitted.

“He was a very involved father”

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According to the newspapers “Aftonbladet” and “Expressen”, the 39-year-old had previously shown a civic attitude and contacted the police regarding youth groups that traffic in drugs. Mrs. Aneta, when asked why her brother dared to oppose the group of young people, replied that she believed he did it for his son.

-I imagine he told them to go away. It was very important for him to set a good example. He wanted to set an example for his son, he was a very committed and good father. He left a great void, she said. In her opinion, the man did not want his son to grow up in an environment of youth gangs.

At the same time, the woman was angry about the presence of politicians at the scene of the tragedy. Thursday The Prime Minister of Sweden appeared at the place of the Pole's death. – They never came up to us, apologized or said hello. They show up for the cameras and then go home. I'm tired of their pretending. Especially since my brother had to pay with his life for wanting to oppose something, she emphasized.

Mrs. Aneta was accompanied by her friend, Susanne, who lost her 12-year-old daughter in a shooting in Botkyrka near Stockholm in 2020. – I can't believe I'm standing here with my best friend who has been a huge support to me over the last four years. And now I'm standing here comforting her. I can't think straight, she admitted.

“He watched his father die”

– The boy watched his father die. He called his grandmother and stood there all alone, Elias, the 39-year-old's brother-in-law, told Swedish media. – There is something really wrong with some people in this society. They walk around with guns and use them like it's pretend, like it's a game in a movie about the world of gangsters. It doesn't matter to them that they kill someone. Apart from taking the life of one person, they also destroy the lives of others, he noted.

Although two days have passed since the tragedy, no one has been arrested yet. The Swedish services only inform that the investigation is ongoing and every trace is being checked. – We are working through surveillance camera recordings, checking clues and will talk to people who may have important information – said Stockholm police spokeswoman Anna Westberg.

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