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Sweden. Greta Thunberg ends her climate strike

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Greta Thunberg announced that she is ending her participation in the climate strike, which she started in 2018 in front of the Swedish parliament. The movement of the Friday demonstrations circulated the world, but over time it weakened in importance. The activist also revealed what will happen next with her actions for the climate crisis.

“I’m graduating from (high) school today, which means I can no longer strike for the climate,” Greta Thunberg wrote on social media on Friday.

However, the climate activist stressed that she would continue to protest against politicians’ insufficient action against global warming, but not as a schoolgirl.

School strike in front of parliament

In Stockholm, the Friday school strike in front of the parliament, contrary to the name, did not mean truancy. When Thunberg joined the protest, she was taught individually due to her autism spectrum diagnosis, and other students joined the demonstration outside of class or came in classes with teachers as part of classes.

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In 2019, the activist interrupted her studies for a year to focus on climate activism. Due to the pandemic, the physical protest was suspended, and the revived one did not have as large a turnout as before. Young Swedes in the parliamentary elections in autumn 2022, i.e. the first vote after the popularization of student protests, opted for the right-wing parties that took over power in Sweden from the social democrats. According to a Valu poll for SVT TV, voters aged 18-21 supported the liberal-conservative Moderate Coalition Party (26 percent) and the right-wing Sweden Democrats (22 percent). The Environmental Protection Party – Greens received 5 percent. votes. Similar results were shown by trial parliamentary elections held at the same time in primary and secondary schools, organized on the model of real ones. The moderate Coalition Party won 27 percent and the Sweden Democrats 20 percent. On the other hand, 4.6 percent voted for the Greens. children and young people. The right-wing government of Prime Minister Kristersson, in power since last fall, promises to achieve the climate goals “in a way that will not negatively affect ordinary people.” Among other things, the liquidation of the tax on plastic bags and the reduction of the biofuel content in petrol and crude oil were announced in order to reduce the price of refuelling. Thunberg, along with her sister and parents, run a foundation in Stockholm named after her, which receives money from awards she receives for climate action.

End of school climate strikeReuters

End of school climate strikeReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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