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Sweden. Hundreds of Christmas trees were drowned near the Baltic Sea. They are supposed to help the fish

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About 500 Christmas trees were drowned in the waters surrounding Stockholm. This tradition has a beneficial effect on the fish population – the branches of coniferous trees create an excellent place for spawning. As the city authorities emphasize, they plan to expand the scope of the project in the future.

In Stockholm, the city hall and an organization associating anglers sank about 500 Christmas trees on Friday. The trees were collected from residents after Christmas.

Christmas trees were dropped in two places: in the waters connected to the Baltic Sea south of the island of Djurgarden and in the canal around the Hammarby residential area. Some of the trees have already been placed in boxes on the water in the Soedermalm district, which are part of an experimental wooden relaxation pier. This part of the city is surrounded by the fresh waters of Lake Mälaren.

Fish playgrounds

The tradition of creating fish-friendly places from coniferous trees was known in the past – then the branches were simply left on the frozen surface of the reservoir in winter. The modern method is not much more complicated: first, three to five fir trees are tied together and loaded with bags of stones. These bouquets are then loaded onto a boat and sunk side by side. Earlier Christmas tree melting operations showed that fish were breeding in the branches.

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– In spring, fish such as perch will spawn, and eggs will settle on the fir branches – said project leader Oliver Karloev.

As Asa Lindhagen, member of the city board for the environment, emphasized, only trees from organic farming are used in the project. The city plans to gradually expand the scope of the project. Officials explained that the trees can be submerged in the same place again after 2-3 years.

– The waters of Stockholm give us a lot. This is where we draw water, swim and find peace. They are also home to animals and plants, without which there would be no healthy and strong ecosystems. Reusing Stockholm Christmas trees to create “fish playgrounds” is a beautiful and important tradition, Lindhagen said.

Sinking of Christmas trees in StockholmJohan Pontén/Stockholms herd

Main photo source: Johan Pontén/Stockholms herd

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