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Sweden in NATO. Hungary continues to block Sweden’s accession. MPs from the Fidesz-KDNP coalition boycotted the parliamentary session on this issue

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MPs from the Fidesz-KDNP coalition did not take part in an extraordinary session of the Hungarian parliament regarding Sweden’s application for NATO membership. Parliament is due to return to the issue in September during its regular session.

Speaker of the National Assembly Laszlo Kover – at the request of the opposition group Momentum, supported by the rest of the opposition – called an extraordinary session of parliament for Monday Hungarian on the ratification of the proposal Sweden to NATO.

The motion was a reaction to the president’s approval in July Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to submit to the Turkish Parliament the application for Sweden’s accession to NATO. However, Erdogan indicated that ratification would not take place before October.

MPs from the Fidesz-KDNP coalition did not appear in the hall on Monday. Earlier, such a scenario was announced by the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyas, claiming that there was no reason to convene an extraordinary session. This was confirmed by the leaders of the coalition factions in a letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly. There were not enough members in the room to adopt the agenda.

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The opposition criticizes Orban’s party

“Hungary’s image in the international arena has never been as bad as it is now,” said Antal Csardi of the Hungarian the Green Party (LMP). “Our allies no longer share intelligence with us because they rightly fear that this information will be immediately disclosed to the Russians, knowingly or unknowingly,” he added.

According to Csardi, there is no legitimate reason why Viktor Orban’s government is blocking Sweden’s accession to NATO. – In the case of delaying Finland’s accession, no results were achieved – said the politician, calling for a vote on Sweden’s application as soon as possible.

In mid-July, the head of the Hungarian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Zsolt Nemeth, said that the parliament would start work on the ratification of Sweden’s accession to NATO in mid-September.

He then stated that there was no need to convene an extraordinary session of the chamber, because the vote in the Turkish parliament on Sweden would take place in the autumn at the earliest. The Hungarian Parliament will hold its next regular session on 1 September.

Türkiye and Hungary block Sweden’s accession to NATO

Of all NATO members, only Turkey and Hungary have not yet ratified Sweden’s accession to the Alliance. Members of Orban’s government reiterate that Hungary will not be the last NATO country to ratify.

So far, Hungarian politicians have maintained that the bad state of bilateral relations is an obstacle on the road to ratification. After Erdogan’s July declaration, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Peter Szijjarto however, he stated that completing Sweden’s accession process was “only a technical matter”.

Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to join the Alliance were submitted to Parliament more than a year ago. The vote on the Finnish proposal took place at the end of March, just before the vote on this matter in the Turkish Parliament. Finland became the 31st member of the Alliance on April 4.

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