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Sweden. More GPS jamming in the airspace. The secret services and the army are dealing with the case

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In recent days, there have been further disruptions to the GPS system in the airspace of southern Sweden, the Swedish Transport Agency reported. The case is being analyzed by the Swedish secret services and military intelligence.

Previously, discrepancies in GPS functioning were recorded between December 18 and 26 last year. According to Johan Westin from the Swedish Transport Agency, quoted by SVT television, after this period, five more reports of GPS irregularities over the city of Kristianstad in the Skåne region were received from passenger plane pilots. The last case occurred on Wednesday.

“An example of hybrid action aimed at creating uncertainty”

Further incidents were confirmed by the head of the Military Intelligence and Security Service MUST, Thomas Nilsson. – We have previously made such observations in connection with Russian military exercises. I believe this is an example of hybrid action aimed at creating uncertainty, he said.

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View of Kristianstad in SwedenWirestock Creators/Shutterstock

According to Nilsson, the situation is serious because “civil aviation and shipping are dependent on the GPS system.”

According to an expert from the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority LFV, GPS interference had no impact on flight safety.

– Incidents affect the aircraft’s ability to navigate precisely, but there are many different backup systems – said Petter Eklund from LFV.

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