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Sweden. Security Report 2030: Russia’s Armed Attack Not Out of the Way, But NATO’s Deterrence Works

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An armed attack by Russia on Sweden cannot be ruled out. Even though Moscow is at war against Ukraine, it still has capabilities for military operations – this is one of the conclusions of the published report on Sweden’s security policy until 2030. The document also assessed that “NATO deterrence is working” and membership in the North Atlantic Alliance strengthens the country’s security.

The Defense Preparedness Committee of the Swedish Parliament, which consists of representatives of all parties sitting in the Riksdag, removed from the previous version of the 2017 document that “an attack by Russia is unlikely.”

“Despite being led war in Ukraine Russia still has the capabilities to conduct operations with air, sea, long-range or nuclear weapons, as well as the use of special forces.

It was pointed out that “Russia will be a threat for a long time to come Sweden and Europe“.

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Swedish JAS 39 Gripen over GotlandPAP/EPA/HENRIK MONTGOMERY

“Membership in the Alliance strengthens our security”

The report presents a new doctrine of security policy, ending over 200 years of Sweden’s non-involvement in military alliances. The government in Stockholm before last year’s decision on accession to FOR THIS its defense was based on declarations of solidarity with other Nordic countries and the EU, in which individual countries promised mutual assistance in the event of a threat or attack. Now security is to be ensured within NATO.

“NATO deterrence works. Membership in the Alliance strengthens our security and contributes to strengthening stability in our immediate vicinity and in the entire Euro-Atlantic area,” it was noted.

It was added that Sweden will act as a “host country” for allied forces in the event of the need to transport troops to Finland and to Eastern Europe.

Photo from June 17, 2023.

Russian specialists assembling tanks in the Omsk region of Russia. This equipment is intended for the front in UkrainePhoto from June 17, 2023.PAP/EPA/RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE/HANDOUT HANDOUT

Sweden’s tasks in NATO

The main task of the country within NATO was “participation in the collective defense of Northern Europe, including Finland, DenmarkNorway, EstoniaLatvia and LithuaniaThe Swedish Armed Forces must also be able to participate in the defense of NATO’s eastern flank and in other operations.

Presenting the report, the chairman of the Defense Preparedness Committee, Hans Wallmark of the centre-right Moderate Coalition Party, criticized previous governments. “Many of Sweden’s defense decisions were characterized by hope, lack of realism and misjudgment, including with regard to Russia,” said the MP.

After the end of the Cold War, Sweden reduced its defense budget and liquidated military units, and abolished universal conscription. After the Russian attack on the Ukrainian Crimea, universal military service was restored. The soldiers also returned to Gotland, a strategically located island in the Baltic Sea.

The conclusions of the study by the Defense Readiness Committee will be the basis for Sweden’s defense plan until 2030 and for financing the armed forces. A separate opinion on the wording concerning NATO was voiced by representatives of two parties: the extreme Left Party and the Environmental Protection Party – the Greens. Both groups are critics of Sweden’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.


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