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Sweden. Teenager convicted of murder rescued from police convoy

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A teenager convicted of manslaughter was rescued by unknown assailants as he was being transported by a prison service convoy. This is the second time in Sweden in two months that a young criminal associated with gang fights has escaped.

A 17-year-old boy sentenced to 2 years and 11 months in a closed juvenile detention center near Stockholm for murder was rescued by masked men with guns on Thursday.

According to police, Frunze Saghatelyan was being transported by prison service convoy to a dentist in Soedertaelje. While driving, the unknown perpetrators threatened the prison service officers with their weapons, forcing them to release the passenger.

The police failed to apprehend the fugitive. According to the newspaper “Aftonbladet” there is a fear that a native of Armenia the fugitive will go abroad.

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Police in SwedenReuters Archive

Saghatelyan shot and killed a 54-year-old father of three in a gym in Stockholm in March 2022, who was an accidental victim. The target was supposed to be a member of a rival gang staying in the same place. After the murder, the teenager fled to his homeland, but was arrested on his return Sweden.

Attacks on prison convoys

In early February, two masked and armed men brazenly and armedly freed a 20-year-old prisoner outside a hospital in Norrkoeping, 150 kilometers south of Stockholm. A man was convicted of attempted murder in Malmoe of a rival gang opponent.

Swedish Justice Minister Gunnar Stroemmer, who on Thursday announced an increase in spending on the prison service, called such events “extremely serious”. “If escapes occur twice in a short period of time under similar circumstances, then you need to get to the bottom of the problem,” Stroemmer said.

According to a commentator for the Expressen newspaper, the flight took place because Sweden complies with the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of the Child. Young murderers, instead of going to prison, end up in correctional facilities where they can use the telephone and the Internet. Gang leaders deliberately use teenagers who do not face severe punishments to commit murders.

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