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Sweden. Two people arrested in connection with the murder of a man of Polish origin

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Two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a man of Polish origin, the Swedish police said.

According to a police statement, these activities took place on Saturday, but the circumstances of the arrest were not provided. “Due to the sensitive stage of the investigation, no further information will be provided,” the press release emphasized.

A Pole shot in SwedenENEX

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Earlier on Saturday, hundreds of Stockholm residents, including many representatives of the Polish community, observed a moment of silence shot man at the site of the tragedy under the viaduct in the Skarholmen district. The family received condolences at a nearby school and a book was also displayed.

According to the media, he lives in Stockholm man of Polish origin was shot dead on Wednesday evening while he was on his way to the swimming pool with his 12-year-old son. He met a group of young people in the passage under the viaduct. There was an exchange of words between him and the teenagers, and then a fatal shot was fired at him.

The deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andrzej Szejna, explained on Friday that the man living in Stockholm was of Polish nationality, but did not have Polish citizenship and therefore the murder would be investigated by the Swedish prosecutor's office.

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