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Świdnica. He stole PLN 1.5 million from the van. They found him by DNA

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A man suspected of breaking into the van of one of the security companies in Świdnica was arrested. Over PLN 1.5 million was stolen. DNA traces helped catch the man.

The incident took place over a year ago, in March 2023 in Świdnica. On that day, a security guard parked his van outside the store, locked it and left. When he returned, he noticed that the hazard lights were on. After a while, he saw masked perpetrators who stole bags of proceeds previously collected from various commercial establishments. The security guard tried to catch up with them, but failed, they drove away in a car. Later, the thieves' burnt-out car was found in the forest.

DNA traces in the van

“At the scene of the incident, uniformed officers from Świdnica secured many biological, fingerprint and DNA traces and evidence related to this crime, as well as to people who took part in it,” says Asp. pcs. Monika Kaleta from the police in Świdnica.

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Laboratory work helped the police identify one of the perpetrators. He turned out to be a resident of Wałbrzych, who was detained on May 16. It turned out that the man also had four other crimes committed in the Lower Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodeships.

Police actionKPP in Świdnica

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The man was charged

A resident of Wałbrzych was charged with breaking into a specialized car used to transport cash and stealing money in the amount of over PLN 1.5 million. He now faces up to 10 years in prison. Now he has been placed in pre-trial detention for three months.

Detained manKPP in Świdnica

Main photo source: KPP in Świdnica

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