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Świdnica, Latawiec Hospital. The doctors removed a giant ovarian tumor. He grew at least a year, weighed 20 kilograms

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Doctors from the “Latawiec” hospital in Świdnica (Lower Silesia Province) informed about the removal of an ovarian tumor that had been growing for nearly a year in the body of a 38-year-old patient. The cancer at that time had managed to occupy a large part of the woman’s abdominal cavity, and the excised tumor weighed about 20 kilograms.

The operation, according to Dr. Filip Kubiaczyk, a doctor in charge of the gynecology and obstetrics ward at the hospital in Świdnica, was carried out at the beginning of April, but only now – when the patient was discharged home in good condition – representatives of the facility informed about it on social media.

The patient came to us from the internal department of the hospital in Wałbrzych, the doctor reports. And he adds that the medical history shows that the tumor has been growing in the patient’s body for almost a year.

She adds that the patient came to the doctor when the tumor in her body was already huge and interfered with normal functioning. “I don’t want to judge why she didn’t come forward for help sooner. The most important thing for us was to help her as soon as possible.

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A tumor that weighed about 20 kilograms

The patient underwent extensive surgeryHospital in Świdnica

According to the doctors, the tumor weighed about 20 kilograms. The operation was performed by specialists in gynecology and obstetrics as well as gynecological oncology. – It consisted in the removal of a tumor of the left ovary, reproductive organ, greater omentum and appendix – says Dr. Kubiaczyk, who performed the operation together with a specialist medicine doctor, Piotr Ostrowski.

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– The patient underwent a very extensive operation, but has already been discharged home in a very good general condition – informs the doctor.

Something that shouldn’t have happened

Professor Grzegorz Jakil, Chief Consultant for Obstetrics and Gynecology and Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the Medical Center for Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, emphasizes that the tumor in the patient’s body must have been growing for much longer than a year.

The tumor weighed about 20 kilogramsHospital in Świdnica

– I suspect that for a year the patient watched the tumor grow and gradually fill the abdominal cavity. Her quality of life gradually deteriorated. He points out that this should not happen.

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– Assuming the most pessimistic scenario related to the availability of a gynecologist, the visit under the insurance would certainly take place within a few weeks. Unfortunately, there are still people in Poland who avoid seeing a doctor. This makes the problem even bigger. Jakel.

The patient – as the expert says – certainly faced many health problems that she could have avoided if she had appeared at the doctor’s earlier.

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The patient was operated on in a hospital in Świdnica

Main photo source: Hospital in Świdnica

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