Swidnica. Parents sentenced to five years in prison for child abuse


The District Court in Świdnica (Dolnośląskie) sentenced to five years in prison parents accused of physical and mental abuse of three children. The adults beat them and forced them to do various jobs.

The case came to light on December 20, 2021when the police received a report that in one of the apartments in Świdnica parents take care of their children while under the influence of alcohol. On the spot, the uniformed found a 39-year-old woman who had 2.5 per mille of alcohol in her body. Her drunken husband fled the apartment before the police arrived. There were also four children, aged between one and 15, at the premises. The police were informed by their adult brother, who in turn was called by his 15-year-old sister.

– The policemen called it a “strong intervention”. They felt that something in the children had broken. Just before Christmas, the children preferred to leave their place of residence rather than spend it with their parents, said Marek Rusin, head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica, on TVN24.

The eldest son recalled that as children they tried to help, convince and finally fight with their parents to put the bottle away. They also tried to intervene formally – notifying the police and the municipal social welfare center – but the services failed to catch the couple drinking. There were no disturbing signals from the school or the one founded blue card. When finally, just before Christmas, the parents were caught red-handed, the prosecutor’s office took up the case.

Children beaten with hands, cable, poker

During the investigation, the police found out that the parents had been abusing alcohol for several years. – When they fell into alcohol strings, they abused children by insulting them, forcing the older ones to take care of the younger ones or to do housework. If they refused, the children were beaten. In different ways – with hands, cable, poker – said Marek Rusin at the time.

The prosecutor in charge of the case charged the parents with physical and mental abuse of three children aged 15, 11 and 8. They were also accused of exposing the two youngest children to the immediate danger of losing their lives. – These children were left without adult supervision after their parents drank alcohol – said Rusin.

The woman and her husband pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. After that, they were temporarily arrested for three months. The children were then placed in the care of their adult brother, who informed the police about the situation of his siblings.

Sentence – five years in prison

The trial of Sebastian Z. and Agnieszka Z. started in May 2022. Due to the delicate nature of the case, its course was kept secret.

On January 23, the District Court in Świdnica sentenced a married couple to five years in prison for mistreating a person who was helpless due to their age, and for exposing children to the danger of loss of life and health. – The court accepted our conclusions in terms of the verdict. The sentence is harsh but fair, said prosecutor Marek Rusin. The judgment is invalid.

Proceedings to deprive parents of parental rights are still pending before the family court.

Main photo source: Maciej Siemaszko/TVN24

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