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Swidnica. The motorcyclist ran away from the police. He died after being hit by a car

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On one of the streets in Świdnica (Dolnośląskie) a motorcyclist died after a collision with a passenger car. The driver of the two-wheeler was escaping from the police from Wałbrzych, 20 kilometers away. The man did not comply with the rules and speed limits – this was the reason for the pursuit. Investigators will check whether he could have had other reasons to flee as well.

The pursuit began on Friday around 5 pm in Wałbrzych after a patrol of the local police noticed a motorcyclist breaking traffic rules – the man was driving much too fast.

– The chase lasted as far as the Świdnica poviat, where there was a failure of the service vehicle. But soon after, the motorcyclist collided with another car on Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street in Świdnica, informs Magdalena Ząbek, spokeswoman for the Świdnica police.

The motorcyclist died on the spotTVN24 Wroclaw

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The witness extinguished the burning motorcycle

There was a TVN24 camera on site. The reporter spoke to the witnesses of the event. One of them was at the heart of the action.

– We were just sitting in the house by the window. I heard a loud bang and ran outside. The gentleman from the motorcycle was already lying under the car. I pulled the girl out of the car, the driver left himself. And we started to move the car to pull out the motorcyclist – reports Marcin Kuchciak, a former firefighter.

– The motorcycle started to burn after maybe half a minute, it was smoking from the very beginning. It burned more and more until it was all ablaze. I flew to my car, but it turned out that I didn’t have a fire extinguisher in it, so I flew to the shop opposite and took the first one that was just hanging there and turned off the motorcycle – adds Mr. Marcin.

The motorcycle collided with a carTVN24 Wroclaw

The investigation will clarify the circumstances

The motorcyclist died on the spot. The occupants of the car were not seriously hurt. – An investigation will be conducted into this case, which will clarify the circumstances of the incident – says spokesman Ząbek.

The identity of the motorcyclist has not yet been established. Once this thread is unraveled, investigators may find out if there were any additional motives – beyond speeding and a potential ticket – for which the man decided to run.

Main photo source: TVN24

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