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Swidnica. The naked prosecutor walked around the estate and went shopping. Avoid the consequences

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He walked naked around Świdnica (Lower Silesia Province) and tried to buy beer. When it came to light that the man was a prosecutor, he was suspended. But – according to “Gazeta Wyborcza” – he will not bear the consequences, because the disciplinary officer decided that drunk Maciej W. was insane when he was shopping without any clothes.

A completely naked man who was walking around one of the housing estates in Świdnica (Lower Silesian Voivodeship) was seen on September 8, 2021 in the morning. He even visited one of the stores, wanted to buy beer. Witnesses reported the incident to the police.

On Contact24 Internet users wrote that the walking man was to be a prosecutor from Świdnica. A spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica confirmed that he was one of the prosecutors of the local district. The man was suspended from his duties by the National Prosecutor’s Office.

A naked man was walking around Świdnica, went shoppingKontakt24/ Internet user

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However, he probably won’t suffer the consequences. As unofficially established by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the Poznań deputy disciplinary prosecutor discontinued the proceedings against Maciej W., recognizing that at the time of the incident, when he went to the store naked and drunk to buy alcohol, he was insane. The information was confirmed by several sources.

Prosecutor in further trouble

“Gazeta Wyborcza” reports that this is not the only problem of Maciej W. The man was to commit other incorrect behaviors. According to the newspaper’s portal, these are night calls to employees of the court or the prosecutor’s office. Proceedings in this case are pending, the prosecutor remains suspended for the duration of the proceedings.

In the past, Maciej W., in turn, was to be disciplined because “while under the influence of alcohol, he imposed himself” on a police officer. As described by “GW”, he was supposed to enter the police party and, against the will of the officer, kiss her, embrace her and touch her crotch. It ended up being a rebuke.

He walked around the neighborhood naked. “I was in shock”

Let us remind you that the intervention against a naked man took place on September 8, 2021. He was seen in the Zarzecze estate in Świdnica, in the area of ​​Kilińskiego, Kopernika and Rolnicza streets. He even visited one of the stores, wanted to buy beer. Witnesses reported the incident to the police.

“He was intoxicated, but he didn’t cause any problems. It was handed over to the family, said spokeswoman for the Świdnica police, Magdalena Ząbek.

We were also contacted by a woman who encountered a naked prosecutor in a shop. It was she who notified the police.

“I was the first person to see this man. I was at the register when this man entered the store. I was in shock. I left a package that I had already picked up. I grabbed the phone, and then the seller told me not to take pictures, because he is a famous person in Świdnica. I didn’t care. Such behavior should be punished no matter who it is. I called the police but didn’t wait for them to arrive. Anyway, this man left the store earlier – said the resident of Świdnica.

As she reported, there was “virtually no contact” with the naked man. – He was at the register, he wanted to buy a case of beer, but the seller said that he would not sell him alcohol because he was drunk. He fell to the floor, even brushed against me. At first I laughed at this situation, but now I feel somehow … strange. I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m glad my son wasn’t with me, ”the woman admitted.

One of the Internet users told us that after the arrest, the man allegedly insulted the intervening officers. These reports were denied by a spokeswoman for the Świdnica police.

When it turned out that he was one of the prosecutors of the district prosecutor’s office subordinated to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica, the procedure aimed at punishing him was launched. – After receiving the materials, the District Prosecutor sent a request to the disciplinary officer to initiate disciplinary proceedings. All decisions will be made by the National Prosecutor’s Office – said prosecutor Tomasz Orepuk in September 2021.

The National Prosecutor’s Office suspended Maciej W. from his official duties, and the disciplinary officer initiated an investigation into his violation of the dignity of the office.

He ran in the elections from the PiS lists, then became a prosecutor

In 2006, Maciej W. ran in the elections to the poviat council from the lists of Law and Justice. He got 206 votes, which was not enough to win a seat.

The man started working at the prosecutor’s office in 2011. Initially, he was employed as an assessor in Wałbrzych. In 2016, in an extraordinary procedure without competition, he became a prosecutor at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica.

Kontakt24, TVN24 Wroclaw

Main photo source: Kontakt24/ Internet user

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