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Świdnik. He lay bloody on the tracks, two minutes later the train arrived

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One step away from the tragedy in Świdnik (Lubelskie Voivodeship). City guards found a bloody man lying on the tracks. Moments later, the train arrived. The uniforms took him away at the last minute.

The event took place – as Janusz Wójtowicz, the commander of the municipal guard in Świdnik, told us on Thursday (May 11) in the afternoon.

– During a routine patrolling of the area near Targowa Street opposite the football field, the guards noticed a man lying on the railway tracks, who was covered in blood and had facial injuries – informed the commander.

He was unable to move, they took him off the tracks at the last minute

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It turned out that the man was under the influence of alcohol. “Due to the blackout and head injuries, he was unable to move on his own,” the commander said.

The guards took the man off the tracks and called an ambulance. They did it at the last minute, because, as Janusz Wójtowicz told us, after two minutes a train passed over the tracks.

Moments later, an ambulance took the injured man to the hospital.

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