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Świdnik. Senior was on the verge of handing over money to the fraudsters. She was saved by a discharged phone

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– Your granddaughter caused an accident. Money is needed to prevent her from being arrested – a phone call with this information was received by a 93-year-old resident of Świdnik (Lublin Province). An elderly woman was already carrying 50,000 zlotys in a taxi when her cell phone went dead. It saved her.

– Our findings show that the landline number of a resident of Świdnik was called by a woman claiming to be a policewoman. It informed about a fatal accident that was allegedly caused by the granddaughter of the old lady. She said that money is needed to settle the matter – says senior aspirant Elwira Domaradzka from the County Police Headquarters in Świdnik.

Oszustka demanded two hundred thousand zlotys. The 93-year-old admitted that she had 50,000 zlotys at home. She heard that she was to pack her money and get in the taxi ordered for her.

The old lady told a random girl about everything

– The aggrieved party followed the instructions and came by taxi to Chełm, to the address indicated by the interlocutor. Along the way, her phone went dead, and on the spot the agreed person did not come to collect the money – says St. Asp. Domaradzka.

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Then the old lady accosted a random girl and told her about the incident. A encountered 17-year-old girl contacted the son of a 93-year-old on her phone. She also informed the police about everything.

The senior woman was ready to give money to the fraudsters. She was lucky her phone had run out Shutterstock

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