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Świdnik. She was burning plastic bags in the stove. The city police received a report of heavy smoke in the nursery

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Yoghurt, cold cuts and butter packaging, as well as plastic panels – all these things were burned in the stove by the owner of one of the properties in Świdnik (Lubelskie Voivodeship). Smoke was flying to a nearby nursery. The city police gave the woman the highest possible ticket.

“Smog alarm from the nursery at Kopera Street. The guards punished the poisoner of children” – such an entry appeared on the Facebook profile of the Municipal Guard in Świdnik.

On Tuesday (April 11), the guards received a report about “strong smoke in the nursery, as well as in the nearby area”.

She was smoking food wrappers Municipal Police in Świdnik

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She was burning plastic packaging and panels

After the ecopatrol arrived on the spot, it turned out that the smoke came from the property at ul. economic.

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The panels were also going to the oven Municipal Police in Świdnik

“During the inspection of the furnace, it turned out that the owner of the property burns plastic packaging, plastic panels and any other prohibited waste” – the guards report.

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She received a fine of PLN 500

The guards also report that the boiler room was heavily smoked and smelled of burning plastics.

“The owner did not question the findings of the guards and accepted a penalty ticket in the highest possible amount, i.e. PLN 500,” we read on Facebook.

There were also painted boards in the boiler room Municipal Police in Świdnik

The woman was also obliged to properly segregate the waste and clean it up immediately. The guards announced that they would check how she managed it.

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Świdnik

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