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Świdnik. Two cars collided, neither of the drivers should get behind the wheel

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There was a collision of vehicles in Świdnik (Lubelskie Voivodeship). One of the cars was equipped with the eCall system, which automatically notified the services of the event. It turned out that the drivers of the vehicles should not have got behind the wheel at all. One lost his license for exceeding the number of points, and the other had no license at all.

The incident took place in Świdnik at the intersection of ul. Hryniewicza with Klonowa Street. As senior aspirant Elwira Domaradzka, the press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Świdnik, said, “the 23-year-old driver of the Toyota vehicle from Kraśnik did not give the right of way to the 38-year-old driver of the Volvo vehicle from Świdnik”, which resulted in a collision of vehicles.

As the aspirant Domaradzka reported, the passenger of the Toyota was taken to the hospital, and the woman driving the Volvo fled the scene.

The system notified the services, the drivers of both cars should not get behind the wheel

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The emergency services were notified by a Toyota vehicle equipped with the eCall system. Police officers determined that the driver of this vehicle had his license revoked due to exceeding the number of penalty points.

As she added, the 38-year-old who was driving the Volvo returned to the scene on foot and stated that she did not have a driving license at all.

The drivers of the vehicles were sober.

The perpetrator of the collision was punished with a fine for causing a threat to road safety, the press officer of the Świdnica police said.

– Now the police officers will conduct activities in the direction of driving a vehicle without complying with the decision to revoke the license and for driving a vehicle despite the lack of a license – she informed.

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