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Świętochłowice. Dogs on short chains, parrots suffering from scabies, guinea pigs in damp hay, fish in dirty water. Police intervention

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In allotment gardens in Świętochłowice (Silesian Voivodeship), police officers found over 40 animals kept in poor conditions. Dogs, parrots, fish, guinea pigs, rabbit. “They were dirty, hungry and neglected, and some of them in a state of untreated disease,” police describe. A 54-year-old animal guardian was ticketed for not vaccinating dogs that had been taken away from him. He will also face trial for animal abuse.

Police officers from Świętochłowice in Silesia, dealing with economic crime, received information that there are neglected animals in one of the allotment gardens. In addition to uniforms, veterinary services also went to the site.

The dogs were kept on short chainsSilesian police

When they entered the property, they found that more than 40 animals were kept in appalling conditions. “They were dirty, hungry and neglected, and some of them in a state of untreated disease” – they describe in a police release.

The 54-year-old raised dogs, parrots, fish and guinea pigs

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The keeper of the animals was a 54-year-old resident of Ruda Śląska. Police say he raised dogs, parrots, fish, guinea pigs.

“The dogs were kept outside, on the wet ground, on short chains. Exposed to the cold and humidity, they had only small, dilapidated kennels. the ground was littered with impurities and the remains of spoiled food. The birds suffered from untreated scabies and were mostly moldy. There was also an aquarium in the gazebo, where three guinea pigs and a rabbit were kept in damp sawdust and hay. The fish lived in dirty water that had not been replaced for a long time.” – we read in the message.

The fish were kept in dirty waterSilesian police

By decision of the veterinary services, the 54-year-old was taken away from the intervention of all dogs, because the condition and conditions in which they stayed threatened their life and health. They went to the shelter. The other animals have stayed in place for now, but the police announce that the resident of Ruda Śląska must also take into account their loss.

The man was punished by the employees of the Katowice veterinary inspectorate with fines for the lack of current vaccinations of dogs.

Puppies from the kennel in ŚwiętochłowiceSilesian police

In addition, he will soon face trial for abusing animals by keeping them in inappropriate conditions and in a state of gross negligence. He faces up to 3 years in prison.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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