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Świnoujście, the tunnel under Świna. Drivers turned around, stopped, and there were also walkers. “Reckless Behavior”

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Several dangerous situations occurred in the tunnel opened on Friday under the Świna River in Świnoujście. According to the city authorities, surveillance video recorded drivers turning around and stopping. There were also some walkers. – Those drivers, whom we have in the pictures and you can see their license plates, will be punished with full severity – announces the spokesman for the president of Świnoujście.

The tunnel under the Świna River was opened on Friday. According to the authorities of Świnoujście, the first offenses took place in the evening and in the morning. The photos were posted on social media.

They turned around, stopped and walked around

– The first night passed peacefully, but unfortunately it was not without traffic violations. Drivers for unknown reasons turned back, stopped in the tunnel, there were a few walkers. In the morning, a truck entered from the side of Wolin Island, which after 200 meters changed its mind that it wanted to go this way and tried to reverse, so these are very reckless behaviors of drivers – emphasizes Jarosław Jaz, spokesman for the mayor of Świnoujście.

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Photos showing the behavior of drivers and pedestrians were published in social media by Mayor Janusz Żmurkiewicz.

Dangerous situations in the tunnel in ŚwinoujścieFacebook

140 cameras monitor the tunnel around the clock. “I recommend driving properly”

– I wanted to remind you that the tunnel is monitored 24 hours a day, there are 140 cameras there, there is also a sectional speed measurement, so I recommend driving according to the regulations, i.e. up to 50 kilometers per hour – says Jaz. And he adds: – Those drivers, whom we have in the pictures and whose license plates are visible, will be punished with full severity. An almost 1.5-kilometre crossing running under the Świna River permanently connected the islands of Uznam and Wolin. The construction of the tunnel cost over PLN 900 million, nearly 776 million comes from EU funds. The missing funds were provided by the city of Świnoujście from its own budget.

Main photo source: Mayor of Świnoujście, Janusz Żmurkiewicz

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