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Switzerland. Referendum on same-sex marriage and child adoption by same-sex couples

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64.1 percent of the Swiss for allowing same-sex couples to marry – this is the result of the Sunday referendum. Homosexual married couples will have the right to adopt children in this country, and foreign Swiss spouses will have an easier path to citizenship. Amnesty International said in a statement that same-sex marriage permits are “a milestone for equality”.

IN Switzerland partnerships have been legal for 14 years, but they do not have the full rights of married couples. On Sunday, a referendum was held to legalize same-sex marriage with the right to adopt children.

In a referendum, 64.1 percent of the Swiss were in favor of making civil marriage possible for same-sex couples.


Swiss referendumEPA / PETER SCHNEIDER

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“A milestone for equality”

“We are very happy,” Antonia Hauswirth told Reuters from the national ‘Marriage for all’ campaign committee.

Monika Ruegger, an MP from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party and a member of the “Not for Marriage for All” committee, did not hide her disappointment, which described the results of the referendum as “a black day for the sake of children”.

“I voted against because children should have a father and a mother,” explained one of the women who took part in the Geneva referendum to the AP agency.

“I think it’s important for children to be loved and respected, and there are children raised by heterosexual couples who are neither loved nor respected,” the Associated Press quotes the voice of another voter who decided to support the proposal.

Supporters of the “Marriage for All” campaign in BernPAP / EPA / PETER SCHNEIDER

Amnesty International said in a statement that same-sex marriage permits are “a milestone for equality”.

The Swiss decide on same-sex marriagesEPA / PETER SCHNEIDER

The majority of the Swiss (64.8 percent) rejected the second draft amendment to the law, which was put to a referendum on Sunday, to increase the taxation of capital gains.

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Main photo source: EPA / PETER SCHNEIDER

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