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Switzerland. Several countries have not signed the communique on Ukraine

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More than 90 countries signed the final communique on Ukraine at the summit in Buergenstock, Switzerland, which ended on Sunday. The countries that have not decided to take this step include: India, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The final message said there was war Russia against Ukraine causes suffering and destruction, but the pursuit of peace requires the participation of all parties. Respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine was emphasized.

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Final communiqué of the peace summit in Switzerland signed by most of the more than 90 countries and international organizations participating in the event. This has not been done by some important developing countries, including IndiaBrazil, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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Russia was not invited. China also did not participate in the conference.

“Suffering on a Large Scale”

“The Russian Federation's ongoing war against Ukraine continues to cause widespread human suffering and destruction, and creates risks and crises with global repercussions,” said the statement quoted by Reuters.

Leaders' press conference at the end of the peace summit in Switzerland PAP/EPA/URS FLUEELER / POOL

The document emphasized the importance of the United Nations Charter and noted that “the basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine” must be “respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty,” AP reported.

The announcement, issued after two days of talks at the Buergenstock facility in Switzerland, focused on nuclear and food security issues and the need to exchange prisoners.

Echoes of the Swiss peak

Swiss President Viola Amherd, who hosted the event, stated at the closing press conference that the signing of the declaration by the “vast majority” of participants “showed what diplomacy can achieve.”

Participants of the Swiss peace conferenceKEYSTONE EDA POOL

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky considered the meeting format a success. He expressed his belief that the topics of the conference – nuclear and food security and the return to Ukraine of prisoners and deported children – would allow practical steps to be taken towards restoring full security and peace.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba he assessed that the peace summit declaration takes into account all the basic proposals of his country. Ukraine will have to engage in dialogue with Russia, but not in the language of an ultimatum, he told reporters in Buergenstock on Sunday.

– We know that peace in Ukraine cannot be achieved in one step, that it will be a journey – said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, after the summit. She stressed that “these were not peace negotiations because Vladimir Putin does not take the issue of ending the war seriously; he demands capitulation and abandonment of Ukrainian territories, including areas that are not currently under (Russian) occupation.”

Putin on withdrawing troops from Ukraine

Vladimir Putin stated on Friday at a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow that the Russian army will cease fire if Ukrainian troops withdraw from the Ukrainian territories illegally annexed by Russia, and Kiev undertakes not to join NATO.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan commenting on this position, he emphasized that Putin's offer is contrary to the United Nations Charter and “offends fundamental morality and ordinary common sense.”

Main photo source: KEYSTONE EDA POOL

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