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Switzerland. The first day of the peace conference on Ukraine

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Two-day conference co-organized by Switzerland i Ukraine began with opening speeches by the leaders from several dozen countries, both European and, among others, from Latin America, Africa and the Arab world.

She started the meeting President of Switzerland Viola Amherdwho emphasized that the aim of the summit there is no final peace agreement for Ukraine, but only a first step towards achieving consensus. She recalled that the conference was devoted primarily to three issues – nuclear safety, food security and compliance with basic humanitarian principles – which, in her opinion, did not raise any major controversy among the participants.

She stressed that in a final, effective peace process both sides of the conflict must be involvedtoo Russiawhich was not invited to the June summit.

Peace summit in Switzerland. Volodymyr Zelensky on peace in Ukraine

The president of Ukraine agreed with the president of Switzerland Volodymyr Zelenskywho assessed that only thought out and prepared at the forum of the international community the peace plan will be able to be presented to the Russians. He emphasized that the presence of representatives of about 100 countries and international organizations at the summit is a huge success.

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Zelensky added that goals of a just peace in Ukraine – including, above all, sovereignty and respect for territorial integrity – these are important values ​​on a global scale; as he said, the point is for every country to be able, like Ukraine, demand respect for basic rules. He added that no state has the right, for example, to threaten others with nuclear weapons, use hunger as a weapon, or try to illegally change state borders.

The need to respect the inviolability of borders she also emphasized, among others, vice president of the USA Kamala Harris. She added that the fight for a global order based on international law is one of the basic tasks of President Joe Biden's administration.

Andrzej Duda. The President of Poland spoke in Switzerland

The president also spoke Andrzej Dudawho in his speech noted that Russia's war against Ukraine it is an essentially colonial and imperial war. As he said, The Kremlin wants to enslave Ukrainians, destroy their culture, exploit their resources and decide which alliances or international organizations Ukrainians want to belong to.

– In our part of the world, Russia is often called the prison of nations, and for good reason – said President Duda, emphasizing that There are many nations living in Russia without their own states. As he assessed, Russia is currently the largest colonial country in the world.

– And we must say clearly that there is no place for neo-colonialism in the modern world – said the Polish president. Duda also pointed out that “Russia does not act alone.”

In this context, he pointed to the Belarusian dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenkowhom he called Putin's “puppet”. He recalled that Lukashenko, among others, allowed the Russians to attack Ukraine from its territory, and has been conducting hybrid attacks on the border with Ukraine for three years Poland and the Baltic states.

Summit in Switzerland. Speeches by politicians from around the world

He was echoed by, among others, French president Emmanuel Macron, who assessed Russia's policy as “imperialism and revisionism.” In turn, the chancellor German Olaf Scholz emphasized that the goal of the peace process is not just a ceasefire, after which Russia will return to its aggressive policy finding a solution that ensures lasting peace.

Politicians from other countries – including Kenya, Saudi Arabia Whether Qatar – they emphasized that will play a key role in the final peace process Moscow. They also drew attention to their efforts to facilitate talks between Ukraine and Russia on matters such as the exchange of prisoners.

Other leaders, such as East Timorese President Jose Ramos-Horta, emphasized that international law must be respected and apply equally everyone, also in many places in the global South, where it is still being violated.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric said that the issue of peace in a region as distant from Chile as Ukraine is important for his country because “Chile, as a small country in the South, knows that only international law can ensure peace“.

Politicians emphasized that the conflict was ongoing in Ukraine must be resolved by applying established rules of international law, including primarily the United Nations Charter. Prime Minister Estonia Kaja Kallas, however, pointed out that during the peace process there should not be an impression that some principles are more important than others.

After preliminary meetings on Saturday, the leaders gathered in Switzerland will take part on Sunday in three panels devoted to humanitarian issues in Ukraine, food security and nuclear safety. President Andrzej Duda will take part in the latter on Sunday morning.

“Presidents and Prime Ministers”. Leszek Miller and Waldemar Pawlak about partnerships/Polsat News/Polsat News

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