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Sycamore. He printed banknotes on a laser printer. He also kept drugs and stolen items in the apartment

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The 40-year-old, in whose apartment the police found, among other things, 160 Polish banknotes printed on a laser printer, will spend the next three months in custody. According to investigators, the man planned to market them.

According to the spokesman for the Lower Silesian Police, Asp. Łukasz Dutkowiak, in the apartment used by the man, the police seized over 160 printed Polish banknotes of various denominations, from PLN 20 to PLN 200.

– Some of them were already prepared, while others still needed cutting. 1,500 portions of commercial drugs were also seized, including marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine, LSD leaves and ecstasy tablets, he added.

Some of the banknotes required cuttingKPP Jawor

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The spokesman also informed that the 40-year-old, when he came face to face with the police and heard the reason for their visit, tried to mislead them about his place of residence.

He will spend three months in custody

The police also found electronic equipment and stolen batteries worth at least PLN 7,500 in the premises. zloty. The 40-year-old heard, among others: charged with counterfeiting money and possessing a significant amount of psychotropic substances. By court decision, the suspect was arrested for three months.

Main photo source: KPP Jawor

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