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Sylwiusz Jakubowski, former mayor of the Żelazków commune, will not run in the elections

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The controversial former mayor of the Żelazków commune (Greater Poland Voivodeship), Sylwiusz Jakubowski, cannot run for the council and commune mayor. This was due to errors in the signatures on the letters. He managed to nominate only two of the 15 candidates for councilors.

The website of the National Electoral Office, delegation in Kalisz, contains a list of all electoral committees with candidates running for seats to the council of municipalities, counties and the assembly of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship. Among the registered committees was the Electoral Committee of Voters of Sylwiusz Jakubowski, former mayor of the Żelazków commune. Out of 15 candidates for the Żelazków commune council in 15 electoral districts, the Kalisz branch NEC he registered only two – Wiesław Kraszkiewicz from Skarszewek and Stanisław Szwajkowski from Borków Stary. The thirteen deleted included: Sylwiusz Jakubowski.

Addresses and PESEL numbers were questioned

Jakubowski explained that when verifying the lists of support for the submitted candidates, it turned out that some signatures were not included due to various errors, such as an incorrectly provided PESEL number or an incorrectly provided place of residence.

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According to the electoral law, if someone lives in a commune other than the one in which he or she is registered, he or she should sign up on the voter list in the commune where he or she actually lives.

Jakubowski informed that he would clarify the matter with the electoral commissioner in Kalisz. He admitted that he wanted to run for the commune mayor, but now it turned out to be impossible. According to electoral law, if a committee wants to nominate a candidate for mayor, in the case of the Żelazków commune, it must have registered candidates in at least eight districts.

A long list of the former mayor’s problems

The former mayor of Żelazkowo was known for years for his problems with alcohol. He lost his position in 2022 due to a verdict in a criminal case regarding insulting public officials and calling firefighters to an incident that did not occur. For this act he was fined almost PLN 10,000. zloty.

According to the law, the mayor’s mandate expires only when he is convicted by a final judgment in a criminal trial for a crime, not for a misdemeanor. This was the first verdict in connection with the crime committed by Sylwiusz J. that became final.

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In February 2021, the mayor of Żelazkowo was convicted of threatening to beat up a resident of Borków Stary. The court sentenced him to 10 months of restriction of liberty.

In October 2017, the court fined him PLN 5,000. PLN for performing the wedding under the influence of alcohol.

Sylwiusz J. was also accused of domestic abuse, but the court acquitted him of this charge because his wife and son exercised their right to refuse to testify in court. However, in 2019 he was arrested for three months. At that time, the commune was headed by an electoral commissioner, two of whom were appointed during Jakubowski’s term of office.

The son lost the election duel

Currently, the mayor is Michał Kraszkiewicz, who won elections in July 2022, defeating Sylwiusz Jakubowski’s son – Adam Jakubowski in the second round. He also registered his electoral committee in the upcoming elections, but ultimately his candidate was not registered in any of the districts.

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