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Symbolic discounts on Black Friday. There are calculations

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During this year’s Black Friday, buyers, including laptops, could count on the most attractive offers, according to a study by the consulting company Deloitte. Overall, however, the average price reductions were only 3.4 percent.


The authors of Deloitte’s “Christmas Price Barometer” survey noted that, as in previous years, the Black Friday cuts were rather symbolic. – We monitored sellers’ strategies a week before Black Friday. Between Friday, November 20 and Friday, November 27, the difference in reduced prices of the analyzed product categories averaged 3.35%. – explained Agnieszka Szapiel from Deloitte. Last year it was 4%, and two years ago 3.5%.

The biggest drops concerned smartwatches

As Szapiel pointed out, in a few cases the reductions were greater than 5%. – At the same time, the average price increase was 3.42%, so we can say that in fact on Black Friday the value of the tested basket of products did not change – she noted. The biggest drops were related to smartwatches – they reached 24-26 percent.

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Of the nearly 380 products analyzed, 48 percent. the average price has dropped compared to November 20. A year ago, 51 percent was discounted. products. As indicated in the information, Jakub Kot, the president of Dealavo, a company offering a price monitoring system, this year the biggest price attractions could be found by customers in the wearables category, i.e. devices and clothing equipped with sensors measuring life activities, smart speakers and laptops. – People who wanted to buy computer games and consoles, which traditionally cheaper on Black Friday the most – could be disappointed – he noted. He added that this year, games and consoles were cheaper in mid-November.

Deloitte experts analyzed nearly 6.9 thousand. prices of products that we choose as gifts for loved ones. In the case of Black Friday, 69 percent. of them did not differ in price compared to Friday, November 20. In turn, in the case of 17 percent. There was a decrease, and in 14 percent. growth.

Experts also looked at prices over the weekend and Monday 30 November after Black Friday. In Cyber ​​Monday, 82 percent compared to Black Friday. prices remained unchanged, every tenth went up, and 8 percent. Down. Traditionally, Cyber ​​Monday is the domain of online stores. Most sellers extended their promotions for the weekend and kept them until Monday – explained Szapiel. The bigger promotions, she said, were for computer games and consoles.

Different prices

Just like last year, this year’s analysis showed that the difference between the prices in individual stores is large. The biggest discrepancies were observed in the games category, where the differences in Black Friday time between the maximum and minimum price in various stores reached even 117%.

Differences up to 103% was recorded in the category of electronic accessories. In the case of perfumes and cosmetics, it was 97 and 99 percent respectively. The smallest differences between the minimum and maximum price on Black Friday were recorded by Deloitte experts in the laptops (7%), sports goods (10%) and chocolates (17%) categories. The prices of the same 290 products were similar during this year’s and last year’s Black Friday. In the case of 55 percent. of them, prices increased, and in 45 percent. have fallen. According to Mateusz Mańkowski, it may result from, inter alia, from the fact that stores had smaller stocks and “were not forced into deep price movements”. The prices of smart speakers (by an average of 12%), smartphones (10%), wearables (8%) and games (6%) have fallen the most. In turn, the categories in which price increases were noticeable were tablets (6%), board games (6%), toys (an average increase of 6 to 17% depending on the type) and consoles (13%).

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