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Syracuse, New York State, USA. A man trapped in the wall of one of the theaters

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In the city of Syracuse, New York, the fire brigade managed to save a man who was trapped in the wall of one of the city’s theaters. It is not known how he got there. When he was pulled out by the services – according to the BBC – he was naked. Probably the man entered the theater two or three days ago.

“The Syracuse Fire Department was called to the Landmark Theater, located at 326 South Salina Street, about a person trapped inside the wall. The theater staff called 911 after hearing someone banging on the wall and calling for help. a person, an adult male, entered the theater 2 or 3 days ago. It is not clear how he got access to the area behind the wall, “we read on the Facebook profile of the local fire brigade.


“Upon arrival, members of Rescue Company 1 drilled a hole in the wall and used a fiber optic camera to determine its exact location and how best to pull it out. The firefighters were able to free a person by carefully cutting several layers of drywall and clay construction tiles,” it reads.

The man was trapped in a theater wall in Syracuse, New YorkFacebook / Syracuse Fire Department

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It was also reported that the man was taken to hospital and his condition is currently unknown.

The BBC writes that the man was naked when he was rescued by the services.

He also cites local police saying that the man appeared to be suffering from a mental illness.

Main photo source: Facebook / Syracuse Fire Department

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