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Syria. Dangerous behavior of Russian fighter pilots over Syria. The US Army releases the recordings

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Russian pilots tried to engage US jets in a dogfight over Syria, Colonel Joe Buccino, spokesman for US Army Central Command said. The US Army has released two videos showing the maneuvers of Russian Su-35 fighters, described as “dangerous and unprofessional”.

Russian pilots don’t seem to be trying to shoot down US jets, but they may be trying to ‘provoke’ United States and “draw us into an international incident,” US Army Central Command spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino told CNN, referring to recordings released by US Army Central Command.

The first footage is dated April 2, 2023, and shows a Russian Su-35 fighter carrying out a “dangerous and unprofessional” interception of an American F-16 fighter.

Russian SU-35 fighter over Syria (video from April 2)United States Air Force Central

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The second video, dated April 18, 2023, shows a Su-35 that the U.S. Army believes has violated the airspace of a combatant in Syria and the U.S.-led coalition and came within two thousand feet (just over 600 meters) of the U.S. air force plane. This is the distance that a flying fighter can cover in a few seconds.

Russian Su-35 fighter over Syria (April 18, 2023)

Russian SU-35 fighter over Syria (April 18)United States Air Force Central

For the last few years Russia and the U.S. followed a line designed to separate the armed forces fighting in Syria – the Russian-backed government forces and the U.S.-led coalition. The idea was to avoid unintended incidents or confrontations that could lead to an escalation of activities in the region.

US officials contacted their Russian counterparts about the recent incidents, but the Russians did not respond “in a way that would confirm their occurrence.”

Provocations involving Russian jets are on the rise

According to data collected by the US military, since early March, Russian jets have violated protocols designed to prevent an escalation of the conflict a total of 85 times, including flying too close to coalition bases. This also includes 26 cases where armed Russian jets flew over US and coalition positions in Syria.

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– This seems to be in line with the new way of working [Rosjan – przyp. red.] Buccino told CNN. He added that American pilots avoided engaging in dogfights and adhered to protocols regarding measures to ensure that escalation was prevented.

Main photo source: United States Air Force Central

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