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Syria, earthquake. A girl pulled out from under the rubble is targeted by kidnappers

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A girl who miraculously survived an earthquake has been kidnapped three times already, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Wednesday.

Aja (Arabic for “miracle”) was born, but her mother, father and four siblings were killed in an earthquake that struck the border towns Turkey and Syria. When the girl was rescued, she was still connected to her mother by the umbilical cord.

The video of the girl’s rescue operation went viral on social media. Thousands of people moved by her story are asking about the possibility of adopting the girl, the BBC reports.

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Three attempts to kidnap an infant

On Wednesday, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the girl had been kidnapped three times.

A baby was born under rubble in Syria. It has been savedAFP/East News

The last attempt to abduct the child took place on Monday at the hospital where he is staying. A group of armed men burst into the medical facility. Staff members who prevented the baby from being stolen, according to the SOHR statement, were beaten.

Police said the kidnappers wanted to abduct the girl in exchange for a ransom from the government Syria.

Previously, Aja, who had survived the earthquake, had been kidnapped by people claiming to be her relatives.

The death toll continues to rise

The SOHR said on Wednesday that 5,540 people had been confirmed dead by the earthquake in Syria by evening.

Before and after the passage of the element. The enormity of the damage visible in the drone shots

1,636 bodies of Syrians who died in Turkey during the cataclysm also reached the country.

Main photo source: AFP/East News

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