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Syria, earthquake. She gave birth between the shock waves. Fatmy Ahmad: I was afraid of losing my son

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When the earthquake struck, Fatma Ahmad’s family left their home in Aleppo for hospital. A few hours later, a Syrian woman gave birth to a son there. She told Reuters that even after giving birth she faced danger – a powerful aftershock occurred while she was lying in the maternity ward.

Fatma Ahmad, a resident of Syria’s Aleppo, fled her home after the first quake. And then she went into labor, Reuters reported. The road to the hospital among the collapsed buildings was not easy. “There was death and destruction all around us,” said Ahmad, a mother of two, and three children as of Monday, as quoted by Reuters.

Fatma Ahmad gave birth between the shock wavesReuters

The family managed to reach the hospital and the delivery was uneventful. But while mother and child were resting, another strong jolt came. Fatma couldn’t get out of the upstairs room and was left alone with the baby while everyone around her evacuated. “I was afraid of losing him,” she said of the son she had just given birth to. “May God give him a good life and don’t take it away from me,” she added.

I was afraid that I would lose him – said Fatma Ahmad about her sonReuters

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Her house is still standing, but Fatma cannot return to it. She and all her children, along with baby Najm al-Din Mahmoud, born on Monday, were housed in a tent for evacuees and the homeless.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Aleppo is 100 kilometers from the epicenter of Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake. A BBC television reporter who reached the city on Friday said at least 400 people had died and hundreds of injured people could still be trapped under the rubble.

Strong earthquake in Turkey and SyriaPAP

About 7,000 people are believed to be missing. 60 buildings collapsed, and several hundred buildings may collapse at any moment. Nearly 24,000 people died in both affected countries.

Main photo source: Reuters

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