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Syria, earthquake. Trapped under the rubble – recording of the boy’s rescue operation

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CNN has released footage of the city of Katma in northern Syria devastated by the earthquake. A boy was dug out alive from the rubble. Hundreds of Syrian families are trapped under collapsed buildings, a representative of the Syrian rescue organization White Helmets said.

A boy was rescued alive in the northern village of Katma Syria. Everyone here is waiting for such moments and the view of the survivors from the rubble, but as reported by Raed al-Saleh, a representative of the Syrian rescue organization White Helmets, hundreds of families are still trapped under the rubble of buildings collapsed as a result of the earthquakes.

A boy has been rescued alive from the rubble in northern Syria2023 Cable News Network All Right Reserved

Al-Saleh appealed for immediate international assistance.

Difficult rescue operation

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Rescue operations are particularly difficult in Syria due to the country’s conflict, the instability of many buildings and the lack of adequate infrastructure. Similar to Turkeyrescue teams also have to cope with freezing weather conditions.

– It’s a race against time – assessed rescue experts, quoted by the BBC portal. “Lack of water and oxygen are critical obstacles to survival,” said Dr. Richard Edward Moon. According to him, in one day an adult loses up to 1.2 liters of water in the body.

– It’s urine, exhaled air, water vapor and sweat, if any. At the point of losing about 8 liters, a person becomes mortally endangered, explained Dr. Moon. In addition, the cold winter in Turkey and Syria is also not conducive to survival. The average adult human can tolerate temperatures up to about 21 degrees Celsius without losing the body’s ability to keep warm. When it gets colder, the body reacts differently.

– Then the body temperature basically follows the temperature of the environment. And the rate at which this can happen depends on the thermal insulation a person has, or how much shelter they can have underground. But ultimately, many of these unfortunate people may become hypothermic, Dr Moon said.

Main photo source: 2023 Cable News Network All Right Reserved

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