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Syria. Israeli raid on the port of Latakia

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Israeli air force attacked a port in the city of Latakia in the northwest of Syria on Monday night, Syrian state media reported using the term “aggression”. According to them, the raid did not cause any casualties.

The SANA agency said, citing military sources, that “Israeli planes fired several rockets at containers at the Latakia commercial port.” Syrian state television reported that five explosions had been heard.

The attack caused a fire which, according to the Syrian media, was extinguished very quickly. Israel did not comment on this information.


Israeli air strikes on targets in Syria such as the port of Latakia are rare. Most often, Israel attacks in this country facilities belonging to the Shiite militias supported by Iran or used by the Lebanese Hezbollah. Training bases near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are regularly under fire and attacked by the Israeli air force. The Israeli authorities say they will not allow Syria to become a foothold and base for Iran – Israel’s number one enemy.

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Latakia is Syria’s main port and transports food and other vital supplies to a war-torn country. It is located near the main Russian airbase Hmeimim.

Main photo source: Twitter / IAFSite

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