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Syria. The baby was born under the rubble of the earthquake. The dust-covered infant was rescued and taken to the hospital

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When a newborn girl was found in a collapsed building in Syria, she was still attached to her mother by an umbilical cord. She was born among rubble, dust and bitter cold, but survived and was rescued by members of her extended family. She went to the hospital. Despite the bruises and wounds, he is in a stable condition. However, her parents and siblings did not survive the tragic earthquake.

The baby’s story was reported on Tuesday by AFP and CBS, among others. A pregnant woman trapped under the rubble of a collapsed house in the Aleppo area gave birth but died before rescuers could reach her, CBS reported, citing local activists. According to reports, the woman gave birth right after the first, strongest shock.

According to France24 for AFP, a relative of the rescued girl, Khalil al-Suwadi, said that she was the only survivor of the immediate family. He said Monday’s earthquake leveled a family’s home in the rebel-held town of Gendairis.

“We heard a voice while digging,” Suwadi told AFP on Tuesday. He added that he and others began cleaning the place where the sounds were coming from. “We found the baby with an (intact) umbilical cord, so we cut it, and my cousin took him to the hospital,” he added.

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A video appeared on social media showing a man running out from under the rubble of what was once a four-story building, holding a dust-covered newborn. Moments later, another man follows him, throwing him a blanket to keep the baby warm. The third shouts to take the baby to the hospital by car.

The child was taken to a safe place. Members of the girl’s extended family spent the next few hours excavating the bodies of her father Abdullah, mother named Afraa, four siblings and an aunt. Their funeral took place on Tuesday.

“She is stable”, although she had hypothermia, “several bruises and lacerations”

According to AFP, the rescued girl was placed in an incubator at a hospital in Afrin and was put on a drip.

At the facility, a pediatrician, Dr. Hani Maarouf, took care of her. “She’s stable now,” he said. He added that she was in a bad condition at the hospital. As he said, “she had several bruises and lacerations all over her body.” – She also came with hypothermia due to the severe cold. We had to warm her up and give her calcium.”

The girl was taken to the hospital where doctors treated herAFP/East News

Dead, injured and devastated in Syria after a tragic earthquake

Jindairis was taken over by Syrian rebels in a 2018 offensive that drove Kurdish forces out of Afrin province. Cut off from government-controlled territory, the region is heavily dependent on aid Turkey and lacks the ability to independently organize an effective crisis action.

Representatives WHO point out that the situation of the inhabitants affected by the earthquake is the worst in the area Syriadevastated by the war and the multi-layered crisis lasting nearly 12 years. In their opinion, the situation in regions where the media do not reach may be particularly difficult.

After Monday’s earthquake 3,649 people are injured in Syria. State news agency SANA reported 812 deaths and 1,449 injuries in Syrian provinces in the hands of Bashar al-Assad’s government. At least 790 people have been killed and 2,200 injured in the northwest of the country, in provinces occupied by Syrian forces fighting the regime.

Representatives of the White Helmets, the civil defense of the Syrian rebels, reported that more than 210 buildings had been razed to the ground in areas under their control. Another 520 were partially destroyed and thousands more damaged.

“We appeal to all humanitarian organizations and international bodies for material support and assistance,” the White Helmets wrote on Twitter. “Time is running out. Hundreds of people are still trapped under the rubble. Every second could mean saving lives” – they added.

Main photo source: Twitter/@rami498

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