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Szamotuły. Investigation into supplying drugs to prisoners. Operation of CBŚP and the Prison Service, 23 suspects

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The officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police and uniformed officers from the Prison Service inform about the breakup of a criminal group whose members allegedly produced, possessed and traded drugs. 23 people were charged.

For several months, officers of the Prison Service and the Poznań board of CBŚP investigated where prisoners in the Wielkopolskie Voivodship had access to drugs.

– The collected evidence indicated that the employees of the company neighboring the prison, where the convicts attend work, may also be involved in illegal activity – reports sub-inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz from the Central Police Investigation Bureau.

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The police officer emphasizes that the actions taken by the officers were “very complicated”, but did not give details.

Action in four provinces. 23 suspects in the case

Jurkiewicz reports that in connection with the case, the police carried out activities in several places in the Wielkopolskie, Podlaskie, Dolnośląskie and Mazowieckie voivodships. They were attended by policemen from the CBŚP from Poznań, Radom, Białystok, Gorzów Wielkopolski and from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, the Municipal Police Headquarters in Poznań and the Poviat Police Headquarters in Szamotuły.

– A total of eight people were detained, including four former convicts, as well as four civilian employees of a company adjacent to the prison – says the policewoman.

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At the same time, activities were carried out with the participation of 14 prisoners who were serving sentences in various prisons.

– There are a total of 23 suspects in the case – describes Jurkiewicz. And he adds that 22 people are suspected of participating in an organized criminal group.

Central Bureau of Investigation: they traded various narcotic substances

As described by CBŚP, the group’s activities were to last from 2019.

– According to the findings of the investigators, the detainees traded various narcotic substances, including marijuana, amphetamine, 3-CMC and 4-CMC, as well as a new psychoactive substance, the so-called gunpowder, which, when mixed with tobacco, had intoxicating properties – lists Jurkiewicz.

The investigation into the case is conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szamotuły.

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The investigation is conducted by the prosecutor’s office in Szamotuły

Main photo source: CBSP

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