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Szamotuły. She gave him 70,000 to release her granddaughter from prison. They arrested him while he was collecting PLN 50,000 from another victim

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Her granddaughter caused a road accident and to prevent her from being arrested, her grandmother must give the police PLN 100,000 in bail. A 72-year-old resident of Szamotuły heard such a story on the phone and believed it. She collected 70,000 and gave it to the fraudster. The 44-year-old was caught in Łask with PLN 50,000, which he sent from another similarly deceived woman.

At the end of August, police officers from Szamotuły received a report from a 72-year-old resident who was a victim of fraud. The woman was manipulated by a fake policewoman that her granddaughter caused road accident. The fake policewoman informed the grandmother that her granddaughter was at risk of arrest. To avoid this, you must pay a deposit of PLN 100,000.

The 72-year-old collected PLN 70,000. – Following the instructions of the fake policewoman, she packed the money and went out into the street to the indicated place, where an alleged police courier came to collect the cash. The man took the money and left, says Sandra Chuda, spokeswoman for the police in Szamotuły, in a statement.

They identified a 44-year-old man and arrested him red-handed

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The Szamotuły criminal investigation team, based on operational work and analysis of collected materials, selected a suspect of involvement in the fraud – a 44-year-old resident of Wrocław.

– The police arrested a man practically red-handed for another fraud that took place at the beginning of October in Łask. During the arrest, the police seized money that a 44-year-old man had collected in Łask from a woman who had been deceived using the same method as the resident of Szamotuły – describes Chuda.

In Łask, a woman gave a fraudster PLN 50,000.

Suspected of two counts of fraud involving a police officerPolice in Szamotuły

The man was also banned from driving and was driving

Additionally, after checking the 44-year-old in the police system, it turned out that he was driving despite an active court ban.

The man was charged with two charges of fraud, one charge of attempted fraud and a charge of driving a car despite a court ban. In terms of crimes related to fraud, the man is suspected of operating in conditions of recidivism.

At the request of investigators and the court’s decision, the 44-year-old was taken into custody. Proceedings in this case are ongoing.

The man is facing prison. For fraud – up to 8 years, and for driving a car despite a court ban – up to 5 years.

Suspected of two counts of fraud involving a police officerPolice in Szamotuły

Main photo source: Police in Szamotuły

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