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Szamotuły. The 37-year-old was accosting unknown women

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A 37-year-old man had been harassing women living in Szamotuły (Greater Poland Voivodeship) for several months. At least five women are injured. The police dealt with the case. The perpetrator has already been charged. He faces up to three years in prison.

The police dealt with the case of a 37-year-old man who allegedly harassed women in Szamotuły (Greater Poland Voivodeship). Reports of such situations appeared on social media. – They showed that on ul. Nowowiejski, a man rode his bicycle towards the injured party and hit her on the buttocks. Additionally, the man exposed himself and made criminal threats against the woman. There could have been more such cases, the policewoman noted.

The officers dealing with the case determined that the 37-year-old had violated the physical integrity of five women and had made criminal threats against two of them. The suspect harassed women, among others. on the street Dworcowa and ul. Nowowiejski in Szamotuły. The image of the perpetrator published on the Internet by the city's residents was recognized by Szamotuły district officers. It turned out that the suspected man had been convicted of robbery in the past.

He heard the charges

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After collecting evidence, a 37-year-old resident of the Szamotuły commune was arrested on Monday. He was charged with violating women's bodily integrity and making criminal threats. The man will also be charged with exposing himself in a public place, which is treated as a misdemeanor. The suspect had been harassing residents of Szamotuły since February. The police do not rule out that the 37-year-old behaved this way towards more women. The prosecutor placed the suspect under police supervision and imposed a ban on him from contacting and approaching the victims. The 37-year-old faces up to three years in prison.

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