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Szczebrzeszyn Commune. He lost his phone in the house he broke into. He faces up to ten years in prison

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When the policemen arrived at the burglary site in the Szczebrzeszyn commune (Lublin province), they noticed that there was a mobile phone on the floor of one of the rooms. It turned out that it does not belong to the owner of the house, but to the burglar.

On Saturday evening (October 23), the policemen received a report of a burglary into one of the houses in the Szczebrzeszyn commune. The owner said he had come back after a long absence and noticed things scattered around the apartment and an open cupboard in which he kept his money.

– Policemen from the investigation team were working on the spot, they made a visual inspection and secured traces. They determined that the perpetrator had entered the house through an unsecured basement window. He broke the lock of the locker in the room and took the money in the amount of PLN 1,200 – says senior aspirant Dorota Krukowska-Bubiło from the City Police Headquarters in Zamość.

He didn’t notice that his phone had fallen out of his pocket

Police officers noticed there is a mobile phone lying on the floor (illustrative photo)Shutterstock

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The policemen noticed that there was a mobile phone lying on the floor of one of the rooms.


– The aggrieved party was not its owner. The uniforms checked that it belongs to the 31-year-old from the Szczebrzeszyn commune. Local policemen reached the 31-year-old and found out that it was he who had broken into the victim’s house. The suspect’s phone fell out of his pocket during the ransack of the house. The man did not notice it, took the money and left the apartment – reports the policewoman.

Heard the charge of burglary

The suspect was arrested. After spending a night in police custody, he heard a charge of theft with a break-in.

The crime of burglary is punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

The report was accepted by policemen from the City Police Headquarters in Zamość

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